Monday, December 13, 2010

Make it Monday:Bird Nest ornaments!

Year's ago, when Kaela was in Pre-K, she made me the cutest bird's nest ornament ever.

We still have that little ornament and cherish it. Each year we place it in a prominent place on our tree.

The slip of paper says:
According to an old German legend, finding a bird's nest in the tree you cut down for Christmas brought you good health and happiness for the New Year.

We've made many of these year after year for others. For her last birthday, Kaela and her friends made these.

I made a bunch recently so thought I'd share the process. It is a kid friendly craft and brings instant gratification!

You will need:

spray paint
spring type wooden clothes pins
small white peas or beans
hole punch
thin ribbon

Get some wooden clothes pins and spray paint them green so they'll blend in with the tree.

Take large flat acorn caps and glue to the clip end of the clothes pin. Try to find caps that don't lean. Also, if the stems are still on them, just snap them off. They'll lay flatter than if you cut the stem with scissors.

Put a dab of glue inside each cap and top with some kind of moss.  Messy is PERFECT.
We usually take Spanish Moss off our trees but I had this green moss on hand so just used it.

Glue 3 small white beans in a group in the nest.

Print off the bird's nest legend found here, cut it out and tie it with a pretty ribbon to the wire part of the clothes pin.

Let everything dry and clip onto a tree limb!

For best results, put the nest facing forward so the ends are hidden within the branches.

Here is wishing you all good health and happiness next year!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Darling! Love this idea, Val! It is precious.... Lori

Rhonda said...

What a great and easy project. Thanks for the tutorial!!!

Jenny said...

hmmmm, wonder where I might have seen one of know I could not wait but I was not going to say anything until later!

gin said...

they are so precious. I was one of the lucky recipients of one. Thank you very much, Val.

manda said...

Oh wow! They are fantastic!! Wish our local craft store sold pre-made bird nests though! Maybe I could make some out of felt or clay or something. I found the most awesome beautiful blog with simply gorgeous pictures, and knew you will love it too -

Doris Sturm said...

Very cute, but I would not find any of those large acorn caps here!

jillytacy said...

This is so cute. I'd like to try it. Of course it finally snowed today so finding acorn caps might be a bit challenging!

Christine Edwards said...

Love the little birds cute, and a great project for kids.

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