Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just like on TV!

While in Florida, we spent some quality time with my family. I thought I'd share just a few of the more memorable photos....

Here is Linds modeling a snuggie for us all to admire, just like on TV:

look ma,

and notice how warm and snuggly she looks, so happy with her book and beer.

Don't worry folks, the beer is just a prop (and Lindsay IS of legal age anyway...)

And now I give you Phil.

Phil is Lindsay's dad and my sister's beloved husband.

Phil is just like all other men in your life.

He never falls asleep in front of the tv.
No, not Phil.

He never tires of watching football all day and night.
No, not Phil.

Phil simply likes to
rest his eyes from time to time....

oh wait, where's the prop?

ah, THERE it is!

Rest assured, Phil has NOT BEEN SHOT! He's simply 'resting his eyes.'

And now my lovely, funny, sister Sheri.

She's REALLY having a good time.

Funny thing though, she has so many props in front of her, its actually hard to SEE her....

Oh wait, THERE she is!

Now, I know what you are all thinking!

But let me assure you, we are not a bunch of heavy drinkers!
All these drinks you see in the above photos were simply PROPS.

Just like on TV.
We all KNOW those actor's don't actually DRINK all the beer, margaritas and martinis, right?

Well, we don't either!


gin said...

so funny!! Phil is too funny. I can't stop laughing at him.....

Betty aka Fudgie said...

I knew I smelled a favorite! Heck both favorites! You have got to come to Oregon! We could get Shawnee in on it too! Break her in on the bests! Hee, hee

Cathy said...

yea, right! lol!!! :)

Holly Days Closet said...

My husband calls what Phil is doing eyelid maintance he's checking for holes. :)

Rhonda said...

Too funny, especially PHIL!!!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

I wish I could rest my eyes like that. some men could just sllep anywhere darn them....

laterg8r said...

i love the people who rest their eyes - you can really scare em good LOL :D

the snuggie kills me :D

annemarie said...

How funny - am afraid my husband is a Phil!

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