Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas with the dogs.....

Sometimes our dogs are so darn cute!
I thought I'd share some pictures of them enjoying their Christmas goodies!

Here is Mojo loving on a new toy.
Mojo will keep a toy forever and play with it, carry it around and even sleep with it. (Until Ginger discovers it and destroys it FOR him.)

Here is Ginger with one of her new toys.

Unlike Mojo, Ginger doesn't love on her toys......*sigh*


This toy was advertised as great for those dogs who can chew through ANYTHING.

It took her about 2 minutes to rip its guts out...including the 3 squeakers.....
We knew it had 2 squeakers in it so we stood by and quickly took them away from her.

But there was a THIRD squeaker we didn't know about.....until we found it yakked up on the carpet the next day.... Yuck.

And here they are with the braided toys I made...these have lasted the longest so far.

They have had so much fun playing tug of war together!

But guess what their all time FAVORITE gift is?


They LOVE it!
They even tear up birthday card envelopes, paper wrapping tubes and empty boxes.

Once Ginger snatched up a check Ripstick Boy got for his birthday...he had put it on the coffee table.
Luckily, she knows what 'drop' means and we were able to retrieve it still intact! (but a bit on the gooey side...)


laterg8r said...

love the cutie doggie pics :D

hilarious that they wrecked the toy right off!

kim said...

Ours is the same. I only ever had 1 dog that didn't she only chewed on Nyla Bones. lol!

We used the seams from old blue jeans. Daisy thinks she's getting a "real" treat!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Our Suzi chews through toys real fast too. She had no problem destroying the indestructible chew toys either. I think she just likes the stuffing inside. Whenever I make stuffies, she is always right next to me trying to get in the bag lol.

dkuroiwa said...

We don't have a dog but....we have a 7-year-old boy. i can probably find some of the almost-same pictures of him and his destruction/fun that you have of your dogs. sad, but true. (and sometimes fun to watch....he also has almost the same kind of woven he made as a jumprope in daycare!!).

Chatelaine said...

My cat Molly likes to shred newspaper, make spitballs out of the pieces and then leave them everywhere.

Regular toys last two minutes with her. Yet she looks so sweet and innocent.

I didn't realize you had that many pets! They are all so cute (and entertaining right?)

Jenny S said...

hehehe! Our dog will carry a toy for about six months then all of the sudden shred it!!

gin said...

cute pics of the dogs. I love that Ginger..

Jennifer said...

sweet dogs!

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