Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!!

I joined Christine's Trick 'r' Treat.
The swap requirements were to create or buy 2 treats and 1 candy allowed.

Here is what I sent:

A cyclops eye 'stress reliever'....I made this around a regular stress ball.

The kids loved it.
I think I'll make more of these when I find some stress balls on sale.

my 'treats'.....a cute kitchen towel with skeletons on it....and a pumpkin I embellished with pretty glitter...

We had to individually wrap and label each item.
When Christine got everyone's stuff, she mixed it all up and sent back 2 treats and 1 trick!

Here is what I got....a sweet crocheted flower for my hair:

this sweet card that I put on my Halloween tree...

and this cute coffin.....with a ghoul inside that SCREEAAMED!

And his eyes glow! Isn't he cute!?

it was so loud that Ginger and Mojo came running in from out in the family room....they had to check out what was making all that noise!

Then Christine included a WONDERFUL assortment of paper treats, including confetti, ribbon, stamps and BINGO!



Jane said...

Happy Halloween....I love the stress ball that you made! You got some great items in the swap.....this was my first swap and it was great fun...stop over and check out what I made and received.

Doris Sturm said...

Wa, wa soooomm...what a bewitching witch...

Love they cyclops eye ball ;-)

What cute it a Corgi? I love him/her (kiss)

Happy Halloween to you too!

laterg8r said...

wow, what a fun swap!

love your cyclops :D

Christine Edwards said...

Val, so glad you had a good time with the swap. Great tricks and treats all around. Have fun Trick 'r Treating, and Happy Halloween!

TOTEally Posh! said...

I received the strss ball that you made. I love it! I didn't consider it a "trick", though! My 11 month old daughter LOVES it! Thanks so much!

CINNIBONBON said... the stressball it's awesome! I stopped by yesterday but not able to post. My computer is about to bite the dust. I'm glad you enjoyed all your goodies! Have a great weekend.

Jessica said...

LOVE the cyclops stress ball. What a great idea. I'm glad you liked the little coffin!! I hope you enjoyed your Halloween this year. :)

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