Monday, October 12, 2009

quick trip and toy drops....

The kids had Friday off so we took a quick trip to Florida to see my family.
The first thing we did was drop 3 toys for the Toy Society.
Since I hadn't thought ahead, I didn't have time to make the toys so I used 3 from some swaps I'd been in.
We dropped all 3 in Niceville, in the pool and playground area of my sister's neighborhood.

and here is Sheri, yelling in appropriate Toy Society verbage from the car to harass me.

Me with my sweet wasn't feeling well on this day so he came and watched the game with us

Here he is with our family....

We all went out to eat the next day and mom came along since she felt better...

I managed to get a photo of the 3 guys together.... SAY CHEESE!

the kids were VERY SILLY this weekend!

Later, while Curly Girl put in some quality time with Abigail

Riptstick Boy put in some quantity time with his iPod

check out this gorgeous afghan I made my sister and her husband about 30 years ago....really, that long!

So...what did ya'll do this weekend?????


Jen Sue Wild said...

Val ,
I lve how yor smile it really brings joy to my day!!

That lady bug rocks!!

Unschool Girl said...

love your dog!

gin said...

family time is so nice.

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