Friday, August 7, 2015

Hook and a book

So I have a soon to be Christmas gift....scarf (cowl?) on my hook and am reading another good one by Sandford.  If he is reading this, I have a TERRIFIC idea for a book....I promise.  We will be rich.  Oh, wait.  YOU already are.....
Seriously though, I have about 4 amazing ideas for novels....but I don't have the gift.  Not a word I just wonder and wish.....and read his instead!

A couple years ago, I started crocheting around some hangers for myself.    I still do that from time to time.  I especially like it when I find old wooden ones to recover.   I love these because blouses don't slip off the hanger.

Remember this?  It was Osa's first little bed.

Well, apparently, she outgrew it!

Happy "tail end " of the week y'all!


Kate said...

Ooh, I love the yarn for the scarf/cowl! Such a pretty color. Those are neat hangers. Oh, how little and cute she was! She still is very cute, of course, but not so little anymore!

jillytacy said...

I haven't even thought about Christmas gifts yet. I feel the same way about books, I love to read and have lots of story plot ideas but I can't write.

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