Monday, June 15, 2015

Wrist pincushion...

I was mailing something to a friend the other day and wanted to add a little something extra.  Nothing major as I was busy with another project I'll share later this week.

Kerry is like me and can always use pincushions so I made her this cute wrist pincushion she can wear while doing light jobs like hemming.

Here is how I made it.

I took the lid from a drink bottle a drilled a couple holes in it.  

Then I tied some elastic band through the holes and tied 2 knots.  One at the end and one closer in to tighten it up.   I pulled them into the lid and glued them down.

On to the actual pincushion.  I cut a circle of fabric and stuffed it and sewed it up.  Once that was done, I hot glued the ball of stuffing down into the lid, covering the elastic up.

 I ended up using 3 pieces of trim because the lid was wide.   I used baby piping to cover the bottom that meets your skin.  On top of that, I use a piece of single ply bias tape.  The top piece is just ric rac.  (I have no idea why I didn't take a photo of that process...oops.)

I think it turned out cute for a 20 minute project and would be super easy to do a more elaborate pincushion in the same way

I'm sure you could use a thin pony tail holder instead of the elastic but I like how stretchy the elastic is, especially when making something as a gift.  

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Kerry said...

It is so awesome, and has been put to good use already :-) It's such a great idea ...... it takes away that need o carry the big pincushion around with me, because it's ALWAYS across the room from where I need it to be !!!
Thank you for spoiling me :-)

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