Saturday, June 27, 2015

DIY Dog steps

We've never owned a "springy" corgi before.   Until now.  Which can be a problem.   Corgis are not supposed to be jumpers because of their long backs.  
Well, tell that to our dog.
Osa jumps onto the BED, sofa, chairs...just about anything the cat can jump up on.   If it weren't for her back, I wouldn't worry.  But I don't want a dog with decided she needed to be trained to use steps.  And to stay off the bed.  She has her own bed, no need to get on ours!

I looked for steps and the ones I brought home were skinny and plastic and she wouldn't use them.   Back to the store.  The only other types I found were incredibly expensive and had to be special ordered.   My sister has some foam ones that I considered but I decided to try and make some first.

I got the idea off pinterest about 2 months ago and saved some boxes.  (I just love summer, I simply didn't have the time to do this during the school year!)

First of all, I got my boxes together.   I used a low wide boot box for the bottom and some wind chime boxes for the "step."   I filled them first with stuffing so they could hold a corgi!  Corgis may be short but they are like walking watermelons so the steps had to be sturdy enough for that.  

One of my boxes needed some length so I tore another box apart to use it for that support.   Then I taped it all together like so:

Afterwards, I went upstairs (with Osa in tow) and got out my batting.   After watching Osa tunnel through the batting like a mole and taking photos of her doing that....LOOK AT THE HEART ON HER BUTT!!!!!

...I got back to work and wrapped and taped the steps.  They looked like this:

The last step was to "upholster" them. Hahaha...upholster, riiiiight!  
I just cut out and sort of pieced the fabric together.

The best part is that she used them right away with no problem.  Up and down she goes!

Oh and since you haven't seen her today, here she is in all her floofy glory!

She weighs 23 pounds now, my little girl is growing up.


Kerry said...

You are a genius ..... those are great (Osa thinks so too :-)
As for that little butt peeking out from the batting ...... cuteness overload !!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

That is fantastic. I'm sure she'll calm down at some point. She's just excited at everything there is to see and do and wants to be right in the thick of things. You're a good furmommy looking out for her. :)

jillytacy said...

She is soooo very cute! The steps are a great idea.

jillytacy said...

She is soooo very cute! The steps are a great idea.

jillytacy said...

She is soooo very cute! The steps are a great idea.

David N. Olson said...

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