Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lady Godiva Cowl

When I was in Destin this past April, my sister asked me to make something she saw for her.  She bought the yarn and I worked it up.   Took me 4 times to get it right!   I had to learn 3 new stitches which slowed me down.... but the main thing is that Osa kept snagging and running off with it!  She is a jealous one...hates it when I knit or crochet!

Isn't it lovely!

It is so pretty that I bought a skein for myself and will work it up over the summer....look at how it arrived from the seller on etsy:  Lavender and a stitch marker embellished the sutest tissue ever!

I also made another Chakra "necklace."  The colors are much more vibrant but I couldn't get the lighting right.

I have one more skein of Chakra left to work up and then I'll be on to another project.
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