Saturday, April 25, 2015

"Legong" knit scarf

While I was in Florida, I bought some "legong" yarn by Mango Moon.  It is like the "chakra" yarn I used last month.    This yarn is pretty neat.  Recycled silk.   In black and gold with little gold beads and charms on it.

Once worked up, it resembles the other Mango Moon scarves.  I love it.  It is sort of a cross between a thin scarf and a necklace.  The pattern is so simple which makes it perfect for a beginning knitter.

Perfect for SAINTS this one is mine!

I don't know WHERE the pattern came from but here it is:

Cast on 8 stitches (I did 9)
Knit almost to the end of all the yarn
Drop first 2 stitches, bind off next 5, drop last 2 stitches.
Pull the side two stitches out on the ends of each row and tie loops together.  I did NOT tie the loops together, I liked it dangling more.
That is IT.  took no time at all.  The hardest part is untangling the edge stitches because of the beads!



annesharp1 said...

What's the pattern? It looks great!

annesharp1 said...

Wow! So easy! Can't wait to try the pattern. Thanks!

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