Thursday, July 31, 2014

ZoMBie birthday mail!

I had a birthday on the 18th but have been busy ever since...(more posts on that later)

One of my good friends sent me a little birthday surprise in the mail!  She sent me a pumpkin zombie doll for my ever growing collection:

His name is Peter and he is a Pumpkin EATER!  I cannot WAIT to put him in the pumpkin patch.  I may have to make a few eaten pumpkins to sit by him....

Here is a photo showing off Peter and the rest of the goodies.  I see some fairy garden implements. I love making fairy houses and planting stuff around them, but I've been too lazy to make their garden cute.  Now I have NO excuse.  
Now....See those envelopes with the owls and elephants on them?

They aren't envelopes at all...they are shopping TOTES!  And they are awesome!  If you click on her name below the photo, you'll see a post about them, along with the pattern info. (and one about Peter too.)

Kerry, thank you so much for sending me this extra special birthday goodie!  I love everything!!!!


Kerry said...

So happy you liked them :-)

A Little Creation said...

A supersized Peter. What a great idea!
Chris =]

Happy belated Birthday Val!!!!

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