Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th!

Growing up in a military family made me realize just how lucky we are to live in the USA.  We were reminded of it on a daily basis.  I had a post planned for that, to remid people of how much we have to be thankful for.  But then that started me thinking about my folks and that started me thinking of our family.... and the next thing you know I was thinking about what we did for our 4th of July celebrations.

The things I remember.....daddy's famous bbq chicken and homemade peach ice cream, momma's Mississippi mud brownies with rocky road icing, and famous potato salad which I NEVER EVER TASTED.  
They were hot days and humid evenings spent with people we loved.  And sparklers....LOTS and LOTS of sparklers.  

Sometimes we had company, sometimes we WERE company.  Our celebrations weren't huge but we always had fun.  
Of course there was that time I showed my cousin a large bullfrog and it jumped out of my hands and right smack onto his chicken...I don't think he thought that was much fun.

So today in remembering the 4th and all that it means...and as daddy would say "It means a whole hell of a lot and don't you forget it!"
I can't help but remember the parents who aren't here to share it today.  I love you both!  
Now mom, she would love my here it is.  Pretty but simple.

and they BOTH would approve of this.....
Red berry, white wine and blue for me!



jillytacy said...

This is a nice post! Happy 4th of July to you! The door looks great.

Art Russell said...


You summed it up exactly right. Mom and Dad would be proud!

Love YA!


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