Friday, May 2, 2014

One a day, winding down.

The last few days of Spring Break were spent playing Nurse Nightingale to Kaela.  The strep she had seriously kicked her booty...

When she gets sick, she wants to sit on the couch and snuggle with me.  On those days, she doesn't want me to crochet or do anything except hold her. 

But while she slept, I managed to do a few crafty things.  (Links are at the end of the post.)

I made a cat toy for Suki...she loved it!

I made this thing I call a door slam jammer, for a friend's baby shower.  I found the picture and just made it from there.  I linked to someone on etsy that sells them.

I also made my hands free baby towels.  I am so glad I didn't jump ship and start making bath towel aprons instead.  Every new mom I have given these to tells me that it is her child's favorite bath time "thing." A special towel just for them....

I take care of my feet but don't do anything really fancy.  That being said, I took 10 minutes and soaked my feet using a recipe I found.   I have one small callous on the very center of each foot and some dry skin on my heels. Nothing serious but still I thought I'd do this soak every other day for a week and see if it helped.  My feet felt refreshed and smelled pretty good the rest of the day.


I also continued making another scarf....

Overall, I'm glad that I tried to do "one a day" this past week.  I think it will prove to have done what was intended...kick me out of my rut and get me moving......

I link up to the original post (if possible) for people who don't use pinterest.
crocheted cat toy
slammer jammer (for sale on etsy, no pattern)
baby towel 
foot soak

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homeschooljewelrymom said...

I hope she feels better soon; it's no fun being sick.
You've still very productive. I just saw one of the latch catch things in a magazine and thought it was a good idea.
Because I enjoy your blog so much, I nominated you for an award:
Thanks for being an inspiration to me :-)

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