Wednesday, April 30, 2014

One a day, eating in...

I didn't want to try another craft type pin while still working on the scarves so I turned to cooking. That is where the bulk of my pins are anyway so it made sense.  I don't want to be that person who pins a zillion things but never attempts any of them.  
So, off and on during our break, I tried a few new recipes.  Most worked, one we are on the fence about.  (Links are at the bottom of the post.)

For Easter, I made Dean a Key lime pie.  He LOVED it!  I'm not a fan of most custard type desserts but the flavor was amazing.  I cheated and used a pre made crust and it was still fabulous.  If you try this, I suggest getting a key lime and well worth it.  I already had one so I was ahead of the game...

While discussing the yummy-ness of this pie, I told Dean that the pinner said the best Key Lime pie she ever eaten was from a restaurant in the Cayman Islands.  He immediately said it was probably his Aunt's recipe.   I knew he had family there, but had forgotten that his Great Aunt had worked at the most famous restaurant on the islands.  She was their master chef.  Considering her age, I don't think they used the word chef but she was the go to girl for all the desserts.  We have some photos of her work....stunning.    Anyway, he has yet to call and ask her for her recipe....but when he does, I'll be making it!

The next day I tried some green beans.  The recipe used frozen green beans.  They turned out okay.  Part of me liked them, part didn't.  So....I kept the pin but decided to try it again this summer with fresh green beans. They were ugly no photo.  Bah.

I love toll house chocolate chip cookies but Dean wanted me to try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  So, midweek I made some from a pin I found and they were AWESOME!  See that little sprinkle on top? Flaked sea salt.  I am never going back.  Seriously, if you are someone who likes to mix popcorn and m&ms, than these cookies are for you!  

Okay, the bad part? The pin disappeared.  As in "POOF!"  I guess they killed the original post or link.  That being said, the good part is I memorized the recipe.  If you want it, email me and I'll give it to you.  It is a keeper.  

This past summer we picked something like 50 POUNDS (yes, seriously) of blueberries.  We still have plenty in the freezer so I tried a new muffin recipe.  I've been avoiding using them.  They are such huge berries that batters can't hold up to them.  So we are using them in smoothies.  It would take a TON of smoothies to use them all up! 
I am THRILLED with this recipe though.  It is light with a nice topping...not too dense but can stand up to those huge berries.

seriously ya'll the berries are the size of a small marble.  I'd never picked such large ones before!

The next day, Kaela came home from driver's ed with a BAD case of strep.  No strep is good, but this one was in, people canceling trips awful.  She had a high fever and the rest of the not so fun symptoms.  The doctor tried to give her a shot....hahaha, as if!  

Anyway, to help sweetie get back on her feet, I made some soup!  I make my chicken and dumpling stew but wanted Old Fashioned Soup Chicken know?  Oh, and it had to be made in a crock pot.  I knew we'd be out most of the day between the doctor and picking up meds, etc.  So, I tossed it all into the crock pot and forgot about it.

OH.MY.GOSH.  Can you say JACKPOT?!

The soup started out a wee bit bland but with some seasoning magic, turned out to be a huge hit.  As in, not a drop was left.

The things I changed...I partially roasted my chicken for added flavor.  Mine has a lot of chicken in it because the bag "o" breasts I used had one left in it.  I didn't want to save it so I threw that in too. 

I didn't have any homemade stock on hand so use boxed broth.  Boxed broth tends to be bland so I added 6 chicken bouillon cubes to it.  I totally SKIPPED the lemon juice because Matt wouldn't like it.  And I simply forgot the parsley and basil!

To keep the noodles from getting soggy, I cooked them separately then added them to each bowl before serving. 

Okay, now for the links.  I am linking up to the original post for those of you  who don't play on pinterest.  Enjoy!

Key lime pie

Green Beans'll have to email me 
Crock pot chicken noodle soup
Blueberry muffins


jillytacy said...

You were very busy cooking. The food looks delicious!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Those food pins get me every time! I have started making my weekly menus looking at my pin board. I'm not sure that's good. Especially when what I try doesn't always make the mark!
I love how you memorized the cookie recipe. I like to use a little sea salt on the top of my lime cookies--yum!

Kerry said...

Busy, busy, busy !!! Those muffins look super yummy ... Big, fat, juicy berries .... Can't go wrong �� As for Kaela and the shot .... Hmm, I have one of my own that heads for the nearest restroom with a door than locks when she hears THAT word !!!

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