Thursday, October 24, 2013


Our morning glory vine burned up early this year so we pulled the vines.   But the house looked SO NAKED without something blooming.  As late as it was, there was NOTHING in the nursery to buy.  
So, I overplanted with moonflower and gourd seed.   It is highly unlikely that the gourds will produce fruit because we planted so late. But that wasn't our goal...we just wanted something GREEN on our trellis again!
I wasn't even sure the moonflowers would germinate....but they did!    
The gourds took off first, they grow about a foot a day in the summer....and then the moonflowers germinated right behind them.

And now I have this to look at....pretty moonflowers....

they open at night....and we've already seen hummingbird moths feeding.  They are beautiful!

Look at the huge gourd leaves behind them, making a pretty green background.

I cannot wait until next spring when the morning glories reappear.   Should make for a pretty trellis.


Ana BC said...

That is a beauty!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Gorgeous! I spent many, many hours potting plants this weekend. Enjoyed it so much and so happy to see green on my balconies again. Hugs, Tammy

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