Saturday, October 12, 2013

Annual Ornament Swap!

It is time for my annual Christmas ornament swap!  As always, this swap is for handcrafted ornaments.  

This year the theme is "Birds of a Feather!"  

Everyone was happy with last year's swap so once again, we are doing a "5 for 5."  
What this means is that you will be sending 5 handmade ornaments in and receiving a variety of 5 ornaments back. Last year we had a wonderful assortment of ornaments.  Once you join, I will send you the flickr info so you can upload photos of your finished ornaments.  You can also post on the swap blog.
You do not have to have a blog or webpage to join this particular swap.

To sign up, send me an email at valpowery(at)yahoo(dot)com with your name, mailing address and blog or flickr link/info.  
registration is CLOSED 
This will be a USA only swap.

Please create something you would love to receive and be sure to package your ornaments in a nice, re-usable box so I can mail your new ornaments back to you in it. Try to keep your ornaments light in weight.  Last year we had a few ornaments arrive slightly banged up so please take care when wrapping and make sure they are cushioned, etc.  We want all our ornaments to arrive in pristine condition!

Shipping: Last year I learned that the amount I suggested for shipping back to you was on the low side so please send in $10.00 to cover the cost of sending ornaments back to you.  This will also cover tracking.   Please include a return address label already filled out.

Ship in time for me to receive them by Thanksgiving.  I would suggest November 9th.  This will give them 1-2 weeks to reach me.  That way, I can get them in time to mail them out by the first week of December.  Sadly, I can't guarantee you getting an exchange box if your ornaments do not reach me in time.  (If that happens, I'll gladly return your own ornaments to you using the money you sent for shipping.)  
Shipping funds are important!  If you forget to include shipping, your ornaments can't be sent/returned until you have sent me the funds to send/return them to you.

If you finish your ornaments early, feel free to send them to me early so I can start organizing them.

If time gets away from you and you need to back out, no big deal, just drop me an email and I'll remove you from the list.  

I'm asking all participants to post about the swap on Dec 21st to show off the lovely ornaments they received!  I will link to everyone so no one has to hunt for people's blogs.  Just stop by mine and blog hop from here!

Also, don't forget to grab the badge to put on your own blog to spread the word!


jillytacy said...

Count me in! I wouldn't miss it!

A Little Creation said...

Ooo,Ooo,Ooo... me,me,me
(waving hand madly)
Chris =]

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