Sunday, October 20, 2013

crochet swiffer cloth pattern

Ta version of a swiffer cloth, crochet style.

Years ago, I was sick of paying ridiculous prices for swiffer cloths and had made a swiffer "cloth" for myself.  The cloth has taken a beating so I decided to make a new one.  (And to share the pattern with anyone who wants it.)

Okay, the term "pattern" is used loosely.  Anyone can do this if they can crochet!

Supplies for two pads:

Size "K" crochet hook
2 balls cotton yarn.  I like Peaches and Cream since I can find it at wally world.
tapestry needle and scissors

Chain 22 loosely, turn 
Row 1: HDC across.  
Row 2-11 HDC across in BACK LOOPS ONLY. This is what gives you the nice ridges to catch dirt.
Fasten off, weave in ends and use!

Easy Peasy as the saying goes.

Simply stuff the crochet cloth into the holes where the swiffer cloth goes.  Be careful when removing afterwards so the stitches don't grab.  I've been using mine for about 5 years without a problem but I am mindful.

see the ridges?  Dirt snatchers!

and just to prove it works, I pulled a dirty one out of the wash to show you.

Don't judge.....we have 2 dogs and 2 cats, all indoor pets....this amount of hair is NOTHING compared to what WAS on the cloth!  This particular cloth is acrylic and stretched out from years of use, which is why I switched to will stretch to fit and shrink during the wash.

That being said, if you use acrylic yarn, the stretching doesn't hamper the cleaning ability, it just doesn't hold it's shape as well.

By the way, has this happened to you yet?  

 If you make a crocheted pad, it won't slow you down one bit.  The regular cloths need a pad to help slide across the floor, crocheted ones don't because they are thick.


linda said...

Great idea, so practical! :)

Ana BC said...

Brilliant idea! I will have to try it some day ;-)

gin said...

Love it! Thank you for the great idea. I gonna make me one this week. I'm constantly "swiffering" floors behind one dog and one husband because my 2 little grands are all over the floor.

Jody said...

Thank you!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Very cool! I would hate to see what would be picked up around here. :)

Heldasland said...

what a great idea

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