Friday, September 27, 2013

Pinterest catch up.

I have been determined not to pin a kazillion things only to never try/use them.  That being said, it is time for some "pin catchup!"

I've tried a LOT of the cleaning ideas on pinterest and most of them I  like.  

Like this one about using baking soda on cook tops.  Totally worked.  I use baking soda anyway, just never tried it like this.  

Like this one about using vinegar instead of jet-dry.  Totally works.

This one for cleaning showers and tubs is terrific!

Both of these dog bone recipes were hits.  This one is peanut butter and banana.  This one is banana and honey.  The banana and honey one got harder, more like a real dog biscuit.  I made a double batch since I work and they lasted 2 weeks without turning.

Roasted broccoli....DA BOMB.  I am NEVER steaming broccoli again......seriously.  It is that good.

This chicken and cresent roll bake was a hit.

Here are a few I 'm not 100% sure about.

This one, where you make your own dishwashing powder.  It DOES work but after 10 or so washes, I noticed a haze on my glassware.  I switched back to my regular stuff and the haze disappeared.  I may try another recipe though because I like the idea...after I use up the other stuff I made.

Using just vinegar to wash your towels.  Yep, I tried it.  They come out soft and fluffy and smell great, just like the pin says.   Until they get wet.  Then they smell like vinegar.  Not, in your face awful....but I don't like the idea of my towel smelling like a pickle.  There are other pins where you only wash them in vinegar once a month.  I may try that next instead.

Make your own wet swiffer floor cloths.  Swiffer wet jet cloths are truly pricey so I decided to try this one.  I had diapers and velcro on cost out of pocket.  Look how pretty!

Okay, they DO work.  But  My arms, shoulders and neck actually hurt while shoving this thing around.  It sticks to the floor too well!   
I am not totally ruling the idea out though.  Maybe I'll just combine working out with swiffering.  (hahaha.)

 I will say that they work better than the store bought pads....especially when you run along the edge of baseboards.  See...yuck!

 If you have a small area, then these are for you.  Or if you are the hulk...but I have a LOT of tile so I'm on the fence whether these are the best option for me.  I'll decide once my neck stops hurting.

Make your own wet jet refill.  I did what a few pinners did...cut a hole in the top.  Didn't work.  It all ran out the bottom.........don't know why.  (Truly, it makes no sense and I kept thinking I knocked something loose....)  I'm not giving up on this idea though.  I'm not keen on the swiffer scent anyway.  Next time I try, I'll do it like these ladies do and remove the cap.  Fabulouso, here I come.

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