Monday, September 23, 2013

catching up

Since starting back to work, I've been really busy.    Lots of stuff going on with the this past weekend's homecoming game and dance:

There were a lot of smiles going around Saturday night!

I've also been sewing little curtains for our classrooms.  We have long, skinny windows and these are perfect for keeping unwelcome viewers out.  Hard to see in the photo, but it has a little ribbon in the middle.  You just scrunch it up.    

Someone keeps interrupting my crochet work....

 pincushion prototypes.....

The head sits better than this but I squinched it down to show off the brain!

And trying my hand at paper clay......a zombie head....Can you tell?

I can't believe September is coming to a close.......I feel like it just got here! 


Kerry said...

Matt and Kaela look wonderful ..... hope they had a fantastic time at Homecoming !!!
Your zombie face is awesome ..... cant wait to see the end result ..... hoping I get to that White Rabbit today !!!!
Have a great week :-)

Elaine said...

Your kids look great and so grown up!

Love those owl curtains and the toys are adorable.

You are a busy woman!

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