Sunday, March 17, 2013

Murphy's law...

Over the years people have emailed me telling me how perfect my life seems to be...if only!
It isn't that bad things don't happen....I just don't post about it on my blog often.  It feels weird to do that.  Like airing dirty laundry.

But......there is a saying that bad things come in three's.  If that is true, our family should be all caught up....for awhile....I mean....seriously.
First, we had a lightening storm two weeks ago.  It blew up our computer (literally, it caught on FIRE...) and also blew up our daughter's Play Station 2 in the same strike.  (The lightening ran down the outside internet connection into the house.)

Then last weekend our water heater broke and needs to be replaced.

Then to top THAT off, I found out Friday that I am out of a job next year....the school budget was slashed and my job of the last 4 years is gone. 

This...after finding out last month that I needed a crown and Matt needs oral surgery.  This after finding out both cars need MAJOR work. how many things IS THAT?  8, right?  And not a one of them is an inexpensive fix.  

So I cried Friday night.  I really needed it.  

And this isn't just now happening.  Stuff like this has been happening since moving here in '07.  It was like we fell into a bad dream or are cursed.   I mean it, really.   As soon as we moved here, crap started happening and hasn't stopped yet.  (maybe its the house?)

So now that I wrote this, it feels wrong, like I'm a whiny baby...because so many other people have it so much worse.  We seriously have SO many blessings and I am so appreciative of that fact.   But I'm leaving it here...because even though we ARE blessed, bad things do happen and I'm just trying to get through it, just like everyone else.

I keep telling myself that God has a plan and that everything will be okay.   Oh, and to breathe.    Yea....that helps too.


elaine said...

You are not a whiney baby at all. Thank you for sharing. It's funny how others perceive our lives. I send a Christmas newsletter and a few people say "your life sounds great, wished mine was like yours" As you say "we like to share the good stuff". Life is life and not so good stuff happens...thank you again for sharing "the other side of your life". Lightening strike!!, that is awful...that's why we are supposed to pull out our electrical cords from the power socket...yeah right who does that???
Hope thing get sorted soon for you. I will offer some prayers up for you and your family. So from across the ocean from the land down under God Bless :-)

gilly said...

That verse in Jeremiah is one of my favourite promises - and time & again God has shown me its truth.
Sometimes it's hard to know why bad things happen to good people, but another of God's promises to us (eek, I think it's in John 1?) is that He will never give you anything beyond your ability to cope with it. Keep you eyes firmly on Him, my friend, this too shall pass.
Thanks for sharing your story, I will pray for you.
Hugs xx

gin said...

So sorry Val. Life is hard. We are not in control of most things. For sure there will be more bad stuff coming up. But that's what makes you a better stronger person by facing the hardships and really, really appreciating your blessings. Hang in there!! I could tell some doozies of my own, but why dwell on the negative when I just want to get over it and move on. When you have God on your side, you will overcome.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I doubt there's anyone who has a perfect life. Crap happens to us all. Sometimes it just seems to come with more frequency than at other times. Sorry to hear that your job was cut. That sucks! But then again, when one door closes, another one opens. That's how I felt when I made the decision to quit teaching and only sub -- now I'm working for the Superintendent at the school my kids attend and doing the administrative work I much prefer to do. I'm hoping to come visit you this summer -- just haven't worked out my travel plans yet. :) Take care! Tammy

Quiltingranny said...

Val, you are not loosing your mind and things happen that we both know cannot be explained. We moved to WA state and purchased our dream home which as you know turned into the Nightmare on Rice Street with our snarky neighbors (I believe the devil moved them in to prevent me from going to heaven as I have not one ounce of compassion for them after years of their bullying and abuse), we spent so much money on new roof, doors, vinyl windows, electrical, flooring, etc. only to find out the roof was put on wrong and the attic was filling with mold and neither the contractor, our bank or insurance company would act...we are all still suffering from the effects of breathing that in. I feel at times, we are cursed, I am cursed and yet knowing my love for the Lord and my Christian beliefs that can't be true right? We all go through things, some I share and some I don't and I am praying for you. We as well have things we struggle to pay. Thanks for the reinforcement ideas on why my electronics need unplugging during a storm! God Bless my friend!

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