Sunday, March 10, 2013


Last week I woke up with laryngitis on Monday.  The kids fell out laughing because I sounded like the chocolate lady from Sponge Bob Squarepants:
 It WAS funny...but by Wednesday, it wasn' it turned out I had some awful virus that left me with those ulcers at the back of my throat....along with fever and fatigue.

Friday I had my dental appointment and thought my dentist would take pity on me and not do the procedure.  WRONG.  He just laughed and put on his gloves......yikes. 
I needn't have worried, he is the BEST DENTIST EVER.  

The rest of the weekend was a big blur....until today.

Today, I woke up feeling really good and worked in the yard with the family.  
It was 78 degrees and we did some cleaning in the garden....prepping it for spring.  
Dean and I are ruthless gardeners.  We seriously don't take care of our yard in winter.  If it can't survive, we won't plant it.  We do that because we go out of town often enough that we don't want to have to ask neighbors to care for our plants.  

Guido already needs a haircut!

  Look how lovely Bun-Bun is looking, with a soft layer of moss now behind her ears.....

We planted some nasturtium, lettuce, leek and arugula well as, tomato and basil plants.   Nothing new, that is what we plant each year.  But we are planting less basil because I have too much leftover in the freezer.  I can always plant more mid summer if needed.

See the chicken wire?  
Yep...our resident squirrels tore this little space UP last year.  This year, there will be NO ACORNS planted by their deft little paws.  My little blue chair was also repainted and replanted.  Before long, the entire fence will be covered in morning glory vine...

I discovered some lettuce that had volunteered to grow.   We have 5 plants about this size.  Almost ready to harvest.  I love volunteer plants!

My herb garden is quite robust and only needed a little soil added to perk it up.   
Last year I lost the parsley and cilantro but this year both are doing quite well.  The cilantro needs cutting back though....and the green onions need to be harvested.

  I found sweet Gimley under the alyssum....he is so happy spring is around the corner.

We cleaned up Angel's wildflower garden and put out tons of wildflower seed.....she will be so happy once they all grow up around her....sorry for the dark photo....some storm clouds came up and I snapped it not realizing I needed the flash!

I even put out 2 hummingbird feeders in case some scouts are in the area.....they will be returning soon and I want them to know they are welcome.


A Little Creation said...

Yeah,Sping is here!!
Chris =]

gilly said...

Good to read that you're feeling better (and glad you enjoyed the book!) and thanks for sharing your garden - low maintenance is my kind of gardening too! Happy Monday, xx

Kerry said...

Snap - we did a little garden loving too this morning :-)
Val, so sorry to hear you've been feeling so yukky ..... ugghh. Glad you're better now though :-)
Looking at your veggie patch, I've just realized that for the past few years I've been putting my tomato cages the wrong way round !!!
Take care and happy gardening :-)
Lots of love

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm surprised your dentist went ahead even with your throat infection. Well, at least that's over and you are feeling better, too. So nice to have a yard where you can grow so much. The plants on my balconies just aren't growing as well as years past -- normally around this time they would be lush and green. Not this time around and we had a mild winter so don't know what the problem is. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Tammy

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