Monday, August 6, 2012

Goofy Golf

We spent several days in Florida this summer because my mother has been ill. We didn't do much for the kids but once she was well enough to go home, we all went to Goofy Golf for a much needed tension reliever.

Goofy Golf is a miniature golf course and EVERYONE who grew up there spent many hours playing the cheesy course. It was the place to meet up with friends when you were too young to drive...and didn't lose it's appeal when the mall opened. It was pretty much everyone's first date place during the summer.

The girls cut up...we laughed...and cheated...our way through the course. No margaritas needed!

Early on, we were so far behind the guys (who took it WAY too seriously) that we had to split up and move on. Kaela was the best on our team...she got 3 hole in ones.

Phil is a scratch golfer so it wasn't fair that his team won.

Kaela and Matt look so serious here...

Dean and Matt gave me the "don't bother us" look while they were trying to play. This photo cracks me up. They look like they could do bodily harm to me if I interrupted their concentration!

The famous dinosaur....with the ultra short arms...see the octopus in the background? And the shark?

here is the giraffe with the freaky eyeballs!

How about this "Like us on Facebook" sticker above the frog's butt.....too funny.

And yes, the golf ball comes out his butt. This is the sort of cheesy thing you see at Goofy funny.

Acting like a monkey...

The best part is that over the years, they have kept it just the same. It seriously looks just like it did when we moved there in 1969.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I love Goofy Golf. We usually play when we go to Michigan. Don't even think they have miniature golf here. Too hard to control kids who haven't been taught to practice patience or how to take turns. :/ Have a good day. Tammy

Jennifer said...

Looks fun!

Melinda Cornish said...

sometimes goofy things are the best! It is so good to laugh.....I hope your mom is better....

Lindsay-ann said...

I enjoyed seeing your fun golf pictures Val. I hope your Mum is continuing to feel better.

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