Wednesday, June 13, 2012

extra care...

Even though the kids were gone last week, I managed to stay busy taking care of other babies around the house....

Mojo got into some fire ants while we were in the yard. They got really nasty so he needed to visit the vet. Lucky boy got to wear this lovely fashion accessory so I could medicate it and keep him from licking his toes.

...sleeping off some benadryl I gave him for the itching, poor baby.

Eventually, he started feeling well enough to play...
Here, he either wore Ginger out or she is one seriously lazy dog!

Suki needed attention too. She was super lonely and WHINY with Kaela gone. Oh my gosh, it was like having an infant in the house. All the crying and needing to be held and pet and snuggled. It was awful and I felt so sad for her. I kept thinking. Seriously, what is she going to do when Kaela goes to college?

On the plus side, it proves she has truly become a family kitty and has bonded with us. Even Dean felt sorry for her and gave her extra loving.
I knew he was concerned when he dumped her on my side of the bed and told her to go to sleep!

I was even busy with outside critters. I had to pull this toad out of a big bowl we have under our downspout.
I brought the toad house over and plopped it down in front of him and went back to work in the yard.
A couple hours later I went to move the house back but Mr. Toad had moved in so I just left it alone.

"Since we humans have the better brain, isn't it our responsibility to protect our fellow creatures from, oddly enough, ourselves?"
- Joy Adamson


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Poor Little Mojo. Hope he's doing much better. Maybe Ginger was stunned by that collar around Mojo's neck. Ha! Suki is so pretty. Guess everything is back to normal now. My vacation began as of 1 pm today. Woohoo! Best wishes, Tammy

Kerry said...

Poor babies !!! Mr toad looks very happy with his Real Estate :-)
It seems to be the season of rescuing animals .... I had to pop up to a friends house on Monday, to rescue a 2ft Rat Snake, that had taken up residence in her garage .... she was hysterical, and wanted him gone by any means, I wanted to move him on his merry way, to go and enjoy a few more rats :-)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Val- I love how much you love your fur babies.:) You are a true animal lover and it is endearing! Ruby is hurting here with an eye infection and is on pain medication. She looked pitiful the other day and I just knew something was wrong. It broke my heart. So glad Mojo is doing better!:) Lori

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