Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Someone sent me a Secret Santa gift!
I was sooooooooo surprised! I did not join this swap because I was just too busy. I don't know who put me down as their recipient.
Whoever you are, thank you!

The lady who sent this sweet package to me is named Tammy. She isn't allowed to tell me who chose me.

and another surprise came from Jill.....this AMAZING owl cozy....which is beautifully made. Just gorgeous.

and if that isn't enough, she sent me all these goodies! The only thing not used so far is the cookbook....but it will be! Jill even sent goodies to the rest of my sweet.

Thank you for my wonderful surprises!


jillytacy said...

I'm so glad you got Christmas surprises, you deserve them! You spread kindness, love and inspiration to us all throughout the year. It's good to see that kindness returned to you. I can't think of anyone more deserving!!!

Kerry said...

Fun ... Fun ... Fun:-)
I can't think of anyone who deserves them more:-)
Here's to a fantastically good 2012!!!
Big hugs

Shawnee said...

So fun!!!

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