Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas for the dogs......

Each year I make these dog bones for Ginger and Mojo. It is a recipe from a magazine I used to get years ago.
It makes about 4 dozen large bones and they LOVE them.
If you give them one of these and a store bought one, they eat these first.

Kaela and I make several of these braided toys for them each year too....they LOVE them and will happily play tug of war with each other until the toy is shredded. Mojo will actually bring us the gooey little tidbits to try to get us to throw it for him...so gross!

They also get to tear up gift wrap and envelopes that have been discarded.

We don't let them tear something up unless we can't reuse it...but
one time Ginger jumped up and grabbed an envelope that wasn't opened yet.
She tore a check in half...good thing we got it back in time.

when they were puppies, we had to teach them that things under the tree were off limits...and we can't put THEIR goodies under the tree, that is just too tempting..especially the homemade dog bones!

it creates a HUGE mess...but only at Christmas and on birthdays...and the fun they have is worth it!


Rhonda said...

Too cute!

jillytacy said...

Christmas for the dogs looks fun. We had to keep Chunk gated away from the Christmas gift opening, after all that puppy will eat anything!

Barb said...

While my dog is a cutie pie, she's boring as dogs go. She doesn't play with toys and fortunately doesn't mess with anything left out so I guess it's a good thing!
Love those owl jammies!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

How sweet that your furbabies are right there involved in all the festivities. Looks like they have a grand ol' time. Happy Hump Day! Tammy

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