Friday, December 23, 2011

another tradition

We started taking the kids to see a children's Christmas play back when we lived in DFW. It has become a tradition with us and is something we look forward to doing each year. No matter where we lived, we would try to find a play to go to...which was hard when we first moved to Slidell. Thanks to Katrina, most play houses were not open.
We found one a couple of years ago at City Church in New Orleans and were thrilled that they had a new one this year called "The Christmas Post."

Matt had long standing plans so Kaela invited a friend to join us for the evening.

We got really good seats this year, up close to the stage. Dinner was wonderful...

The "Ignite" jazz ensemble played before the show while people were being seated.

Here they are singing "Be Our Guest" while dinner was being served

the main event...

As usual, this was a wonderful musical, with a great message around the holidays.

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jillytacy said...

Looks like a fun time. Traditions are always special. Merry Christmas!

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