Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ironcraft challenge

This week's challenge was UFO's.
Not the flying saucer kind....the crafty unfinished object!..anyone who is into crafts has UFO's lurking about.

I had a few little things but decided to finish my BIG summer project....the pet beds Kaela and I make for the local animal shelter.
We had them all cut out so when I saw this challenge, I knew it was the perfect choice.
The best part is that we made 24 in all! Some are REALLY large, some are teeny....most are in the middle somewhere. We did make 1 triangular shaped one....perfect for a kitty cage.

Last year when we dropped them off, the volunteers at the shelter requested some large dog beds. With the poor economy, people are having to leave their larger pets....they just can't afford to keep them any longer.
Each time we go, we just breaks my heart...the sheer amount of these unhomed animals is overwhelming.

If you want to make or take pet beds to your local shelter, I urge you to do so.
Not even a feral or stray animal wants to lay on the hard ground. They always seek out something soft....especially when cold weather sets in. I use old scraps of fabric or go to the thrift shop and buy old sheets for 50 cents each. If you buy quilt batting with coupons, it isn't so expensive.

If you choose to make extra large dog beds, I suggest you make a giant pillow case and put 2 old pillows in it. They are easier to wash this way AND cheaper. I do this with my own dogs....when I buy new pillows for the family, I rotate the pillows into the dog beds.....and the dog's old pillows go to the all the way around!

Now with all these pet beds made, We'll have the time to make the toys we made last year....tug toys and kitty sticks with feathers make for happy fur babies!


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
The pet beds you made look great. Those pets are going to be so comfy in them. You are so kind and clever:)

jillytacy said...

It's wonderful that you make and donate pet beds and toys! What a great way to give!

T's Daily Treasures said...

It makes me sad just thinking about all those abandoned pets. I have another street kitty that I am feeding. Actually, it has been coming around for awhile, but no other cat would dare come into the stairwell when Sweet Kitty was around. The cat now that I feed, used to be so fluffy and beautiful but her hair has gotten very short and she has a big scab or open wound on her side that just won't heal. She's gotten so skinny. She comes up now and sleeps on a mop that is sitting outside in a little alcove by our door. I talk to her and she turns her head to listen. I bet no one has been nice to her before. She meows at me when I talk to her. And is happy for food and water. It's all I can do. Your idea for the pillows is great. Such a wonderful thing to make all those pet beds. God bless! Tammy

Lori said...

How nice of you to make the dog beds. I make my dog beds out of sheets etc.Its a great way to repurpose as you say. This was a very selfless UFO mission. Bravo.

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