Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ducks & Tigers...

Last Thursday Kaela wanted some sewing time. She cracks me up.
Instead of picking some super easy project, she chose to make this little duck from
nosy nest.

She did a good job given she has only sewn a couple of other things.

Since ducky was a toy drop, she chose to keep it simple.
We dropped ducky in the nursery rhyme section of our local library right at closing Friday night.

Hopefully someone found ducky during story time Saturday morning.

Kaela hasn't been doing much artwork over the summer....but when she decides to she can whip stuff up in just this tiger.

Sorry for the bad lighting....even outside, I couldn't get a good photo.

she made it for her starts tomorrow here and the tiger is the school mascot. If you want to see the full post on her art blog, go here....I have a close up of the tiger there too.


Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Cute little duckie!

T's Daily Treasures said...

That little ducky turned out so cute. I hope he went to a very nice home. Kaela's drawings are great. I used to be able to draw like that. Before Slidell, we were in Texas which is where I took art at school -- we were the Spring Lions. I remember etching out a rubber stamp of a lion -- turned out really good. Think I still have it somewhere in a big ol box. Have a great new week. Tammy

LittleRed said...

Ducky is quite cute! She did a great job:)

jillytacy said...

The duck is so cute and the tiger drawing is fabulous! She's a talented girl!

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