Saturday, May 28, 2011

too good to last

Gunter made good on his promise to behave. Its been almost a year since this day....and he hadn't done anything bad...

Until yesterday.
Matt and I were on our way out to the library and Gunter begged and begged to go. He said he wanted to check out the Gnome book in the kids section to see if they got all the facts right.

We took him with us and sure enough, he sat right down with the book and said to pick him up on the way out.
It took Matt and I about 10 minutes to get what we wanted and then to check out.

Then we went to get Gunter.

We couldn't find him. We looked everywhere. They were doing some construction so I was afraid we would NEVER find him. I was really starting to get worried but then we heard giggling...Gunter giggling....and kiddies pointing!

where did he get a dime for the photocopy machine? NO idea.....and exactly WHAT does a photocopied gnome tush look like? NO idea...we snatched him up and left without taking the copy.


jillytacy said...

Too funny! I do wonder what a gnome butt looks like. Has Gunter watched Gnomeo and Juliet yet? It came out on DVD this week.

Lindsay-ann said...

Gunter is such a character. Love hearing about his adventures. Gnomes are very popular over here at the moment.

Abigail said...

I wanted to let you know that we finally bringing a tour to Louisiana. We are visiting both Monroe and New Orleans in a few weeks with the Library of Congress exhibit.


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