Wednesday, January 12, 2011

super easy crochet wrist warmers

I made these wrist warmers for Kaela for Christmas this year.

I chose a fluffy, warm yarn that covers mistakes well but you can easily do this with cotton or wool, just adjust the hook size accordingly.

You will need:

Lion's Brand Homespun yarn

Size "I" crochet hook.

Blunt tapestry needle


These directions are for small wrist warmers. They extend about 3 inches beyond the wrist bones and end at the middle knuckle on your fingers. You can make them shorter or longer, just increase or decrease the beginning chain. You'll need to hold it against your hand to get an idea of where you want it to end.

  • Row 1: Chain 25. This wrist warmer is worked length wise. BUT, you can easily work it width wise if you are familiar with crochet.
  • Row 2: Turn, in second chain work one double crochet (dc) and then work one dc in each chain across to the end. Chain 1, turn.
  • Row 3-? and edge: Continue working dc across as you build your rows. Make sure you chain 1 at each end and to keep the line even as you go.
  • When the wrist warmer is wide enough to go around your hand/wrist comfortably, it is time to work the little edge at the top. Do NOT fasten off.
  • You will have something that looks like a square:

I wanted the edge to be cute so I made one like this:
  • When you get to the end of your last row chain 3 instead of 1, turn.

  • Skip one stitch and then slip stitch into the next stitch. It looks like a sort of little bump.

  • *Then chain 3, skip a stitch, slip stitch into next stitch* across the top.
  • At the end, fasten off, and using your needle, sew in the end.
this is what the edge looks like once completed:

now to sew it up!

  • Thread your needle with 18" of yarn and starting at the bottom, make a knot with your yarn and then as you stitch up the side, enclose the tail of the yarn inside a few of the first stitches.
  • Continue to stitch up the length of the wrist warmer. You'll need to slip it on at least once to see where it hits your thumb so you can make a hole for it.
  • Once you are ready for the thumb hole, slip your wrist warmer on.

  • Make a little slipknot under the thumb as a reinforcement. The weave the yarn up to right about the thumb. Then stitch the hole around your thumb closed. I found it easier to do it with it on...see?

  • Once your thumb is done, take off the wrist warmer and continue stitching up the side.
  • At the top, fasten off and weave in the tail. Work second wrist warmer the same way.
  • At this point, you are done!  I didn't add a thumb for this pattern, but you can, just attach the yarn and sc around 8-10 stiches for 3-5 rows!


T's Daily Treasures said...

These are great but we sure don't need any wrist warmers over here. Haven't had much of a winter at all this year. Did ya'll get any of the snow that hit the South? Weather sure is crazy.

That Suki is a crazy cat just like Jingles! I caught Jingles one nite trying to get the ball ornaments to the floor so she could bat them around.

Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

Rhonda said...

Great tutorial......I need those warmers right now here in central Texas. It's 29 degrees which is very rare for us....burrrrr!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Wonderful! I love wrist warmers. They are great down here in Florida.

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