Wednesday, January 5, 2011

catching up....

I made the kids a few Christmas presents that I couldn't share before the holidays.....

I made Kaela some wrist warmers

and a sock monkey hat...

I made Matt a hat too.

The hat and sock monkey pattern came from the Happy Hooker crochet book....I just LOVE that book!

We made pet cozies and toys again this year for the local animal shelter. We cut it close to the wire this year and delivered them the 23rd!
We added some food and treats to round out the delivery before taking it by.

cat nip noise makers....Suki LOVED these. I guess I'll have to make a few for our own kitties.

tassel toys for kitties too...I came home from work DAILY to find these had been dragged out of the sewing room.

pull toys for pooches....Ginger and Mojo stole approved

The sweet animals are in desperate need of forever homes and no matter how hard I try, I always cry when we are there.

The time and effort we put into our meager donation helps us feel better since we can't possibly take them ALL home! (But if there is ever a hedgehog amongst the homeless, consider it MINE.)


Kerry said...

The hats are so cute - I've seen the book you've mentioned, being talked about in a number of blogs recently ..... I think I need to visit the library and investigate:-)
I'm sure you made some dogs and kitty's very happy .... we had a hedgehog a couple of years ago ... he was the sweetest, most adorable little member of our family.

Doris Sturm said...

What is a catnip noise maker? What's in those pill bottles - beans? Who likes these... I thought cats don't like noise and where does the catnip go?

I know what you mean about going to the heart literally churns and aches for these creatures. You are so brave and loving by going in there to cheer them up. Do the attendands there not mind your bringing in th at stuff...does it really go to the animals? I have not much faith in officials! Probably because I live in a corrupt little town...I don't even want to go inside our local shelter. You have to have an appointment to go - does that tell you something? I can't think about it, it makes me ill.

I feed the stray cats around here and the ducks by the lake...I wish I had a big house to take them all in...(sigh!)

Nice hats and wrist warmer!

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Your hats look great. I love the Happy Hooker crochet book. I go back to it several times a year.

Lots of fun toys!

mysteryhistorymom said...

You are so good, Val. We did not go this Christmas, but that means we can go now!:) You inspire me, Sweets. Love ya! Lori

jillytacy said...

It's so wonderful that you do all of that for your local animal shelter! I'm sure the animals and the people at the shelter really appreciate it!!! I hope one day soon you arrive to find a hedgehog looking for a home. They really are so cute!!!

Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
The hats are gorgeous. Your kids look great wearing them. I loved all the stuff you made for the animal shelter too.

dkuroiwa said...

you and your family are just about the coolest people...ever.
I love the things that you do and how your kids have joined with you. gives me a little more faith in humanity!!! ;-)

love the hats...but the "wrist warmers"?? really love those!!! I am not a fan of gloves or mittens...i gotta have my fingertips out....and those are great!!! one of my students made me some light ones, for driving...i'm going to ask her fore a couple more pairs!!!

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