Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday in Texas

We went to Texas between Christmas and New Year's to see Dean's family. You can tell we were really excited about going as we pulled out of our driveway...

10 hours later, we pulled in, and saw the neighborhood was full of lovely!
They hung out in the front and back yards of everyone's homes.
They slept in the yards, unafraid of people.

Remember those little hats for little they are....a hit!
the gnome doll was a hit too...with someone's little brother!

I made a scarf for Dean's grandmother. She looks great and liked the scarf. Dean was enjoying visiting with her.

and she really loved all the attention from ALL the grand kids and great grand kids!

I think his mom enjoyed having them around too......

and as usual, we all laughed a lot.

Even though we got to see everyone, part of the trip was a bit messy...both kids got sick as dogs and stayed in bed for 2 days!
Because of that, we didn't stay with Dean's other sister in Houston. We just spun by for an hour....long enough to contaminate them all but I forgot to take pictures.

It was the first time we'd been back to our beloved state since 2005....and oh boy, I am READY to move back!


annemarie said...

Hope the kids are feeling better - yes you should move back to Texas - Tomball would be nice! Happy New year!

amy said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! Hope everyone is feeling better now.
This morning when I let the dogs out I saw some deer bedded down in the neighbors' back yard. They weren't even scared of the dogs.
Happy New Year!

Christine Edwards said...

What a nice visit with family. Hope everyone is feeling better in the New Year!

Doris Sturm said...

Looks like you had a very nice visit with granny! I hate moving, but I may have to move - again - because this climate is not agreeing with my health. I should have done more research before moving to GA from CA.

My doc told me that both GA and LA are the worst states to live for allergies and he is so right - I have got to get out of here!

Even poor Gizy is coughing!

I sure hope your children are feeling better...

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear the kiddos got sick, but glad you got to visit Texas. I live in Texas -- Fairfield -- which is on I-45 half-way between Dallas and Houston. I grew up in Humble.

Happy New Year!

Crazy Amy said...

Sure hope the kiddos are better! It's never fun to be traveling and sick. Texas is great, my hubs is from Ft Worth and we are in desperate need of a Texas fix! Happy New Year!

T's Daily Treasures said...

So you are a Texas gal? I assumed you were from Louisiana. I was born in Mississippi but my dad was in the oil field business so we moved every three years. In 2nd grade, we moved to Pasadena TX, then to Broussard LA, next up was Spring, TX, and finally Slidell, which is where I graduated high school and got married (the first time). When we got divorced, we were in Georgia, but I moved back to Slidell for several years.

Me and my oldest were sick just before the holidays. The flu was really going around at that time. Sorry to hear your kids weren't feeling well; but looks like you had a nice visit despite all that. And everyone like the handmade gifts.

Good luck with back to school. It is 9:40 pm and I am just able to sit down and relax. Work gets in the way of all that me time I enjoy so much. :) Best wishes, Tammy

gin said...

It's almost great to go back home!!
Hope everyone is well and enjoying the new year.

jillytacy said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Too bad the kids were sick but hopefully everyone is feeling better now!

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