Wednesday, September 1, 2010

crafting away....

The last couple of weeks I've been busy with the kids going back to school and me going back to work!

I didn't feel much like blogging. I always get sad this time of year. I really adore having the kids home with me. But, I'm a bit better now and thought I'd share some of the crafty stuff I've done lately.

I made this little octopus for our tree. I love the simplicity of it.
I got the idea from this one at Anthropologie. I tried to copy it but didn't have the patience to do those undulating tentacles so made curly ones instead. I love how it turned out.

he looks pretty cute on my YOE tree
Then, I made this little cutie using Future Girl's pattern. I made it for my YOE partner for the month of August....

I also made this fun little gnome. I'll be using him for a toy drop soon.

and I made these 2 cute girlie gnome dolls for Christmas presents.

I love how they look so cheerful!

sooooo, what have YOU been crafting?


Lindsay-ann said...

Hi Val
You have been very busy crafting away there. The octopus and gnome are so cute. The girlie gnomes are adorable.
I wish I have had more time for crafting over the summer break. I have made some beach huts out of felt fabric. I am not sure what I am going to do with them!

Laura said...

I Love all the Gnomes!! So Cute!

Rhonda said...

Hi Val!
WOW I love that octopus...he is just so cute.
What am I up to...well I've been machine embroidering up a storm and loving it. You'll have to pop over to my blog and check it all out sometime.

Karen said...

Super cute! Sorry that you've been sad...but you can't stay sad when you look at those adorable little gnomes! I know they made me smile :) Have a wonderful day!!!

jillytacy said...

Back to school time is sad and I'm a teacher! I love being home with my daughter too so I feel the same way about going back to school. Plus back to school time means less or even no time for crafting! I've been doing special ed paperwork instead of crafts now!
Hope you're feeling better soon! By the way, I love your octopus. It's adorable and even cuter than the one that gave you the inspiration!

Amy said...

Loving the craftiness! The octopi are adorable along with the gnomes. I keep thinking I'm going to start making Christmas....but it's a fleeting thought!

Fran. said...

Hey Val, you do some amazing creations!! The gnomes are pretty cool. I've been spending most of my summer picking up vintage supplies to make in to my creations!! Now I can't wait to get started!! LOL Still been kinda muggy here!! Glad you're doing better and not as sad now!! XO Fran.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

I like the curly tentacles too. Your little octopus is cute and looks great on the tree.

We are down to our last kid in school this year and he is still home schooled. He will be going to public school next year and the house will feel so empty.

Kerry said...

I am with you there on missing having the kids home ...... there have been moments where i've wondered whether home schooling would be a good alternative - the idea passes VERY quickly!!!!
I LOVE my little Olivia the octopus.... she's so pretty and dainty in her pinkness:-)

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