Saturday, November 14, 2009

She's a model too!

Curly Girl found these cute shoes the other day....while searching for 'appropriate' choral footwear.

You know the type:

Something close toed and SENSIBLE. (hmmm, nope)

Something without a heel. (hmmmm, nope)

Something you can STAND in for 2 hours in a row the first time you actually DO wear them. (hmmmm, nope)

Something you can WALK in, even if you are 11 years old and have never worn heels before. (hmmm, double nope...she clomped like a delightful)

Something that only cost 7 bucks! CHECK!!!!!

need I say more? ( And yes, if they had them in my size I would have bought me some too!)

After modeling her new shoes....she was only to happy to 'model' this little hugger I made for someone.

close up.....

I mailed it off, to Christine

and...she loved it!


Jenny said...

ohhhhh! How much would you charge for something like that?? My mom and I would LOVE something like that for the cold days at the shop!! Let me know pretty please!!
I can send you the yarn or whatever just tell me what to get!!

gin said...

cute hugger and cute model!!

Doris Sturm said...

Those are the cutest lille young feet with the polish on - how cute ;-) I miss my daughter being younger and living with me. My live is not as fun than when she was young! Darn!

Nice hugger too, but I'll take the model, instead please :-)

mysteryhistorymom said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! How much would you charge, Val? Or do you want to do a swap for some jewelry? SOOOOOOOOOO cute! Curly Girl is a darling model!:) Lori

Turtles In Northern Florida said...

I would have SO bought those too!

I also would put that girl under lock and key! She is gorgeous and you are going to need a BIG stick to keep them boys away.

Jennifer said...

super cute shoes......and I LOVE the hugger. Can I get one?

Christine Edwards said...

Cute shoes! The neck hugger looks so cute on Curly Girl, I hope you made her one too. It sounds like I'll have to keep an extra watchful eye on mine. :-) Thanks again for being so thoughtful!

Unknown said...

Adorable shoes!!!! And look at those girly toes!! Love the hugger great job:O)
Yes Val.. we all want a hugger!!!

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