Friday, November 20, 2009

Enchanted Forest Ornament Swap

My partner for the Enchanted Forest Ornament Swap loves birds.

I actually had planned on making an embroidered felt bird but then changed my mind and made something a bit more elaborate...a spinner.

It is two sided and hangs from the ceiling.

I used the colors she requested...which were so pretty!
The fabric itself isn't Christmasy but it reminded me of the wrapped candies you get around Christmas time. (Trying to find pink Christmas fabric proved to be too much in little Slidell.)

Close up of the bird...I love how the pattern fell perfectly for its little beak....just a fluke, I didn't try to do that!

and here it is 'spinning' actually kept spinning while I was taking the photos, making it difficult to take them!!!!

one side

and the other...

you can't tell from the photos, but I added little dots of glitter on the letters which is pretty in the light.

To round out her package, I added a true forest occupant...a chocolate ladybug...and some hot cocoa fixins!
The best part? She loves it!


Christine Edwards said...

Oh, I can see why she loves it, it's fantastic! Very enchanting!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I graduated from Slidell High School in 1984. Your spinner is very pretty! Best wishes, :) Tammy

laterg8r said...

what a fantastic gift :D

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