Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What to do with a Brown Paper Bag

I participated in Sherry's BPB swap this year as a challenge to myself.
I don't scrapbook or do many paper crafts so I had to put my thinking cap on.

Here is what I came up with for Tammy:

A set of ladybird cupcake toppers made from a Fresh Market bpb.
I loved the green all over the bag.
These were actually a BEAR to make because the ink kept being absorbed by the bpb.
So I went through 2 sets before I finally made some worth keeping.

I included a blank book and covered it with one of those book covers we used to make in school for our textbooks.
It looks SO much better than the ones you buy your kids now...and its free!

I remember doodling on them for HOURS when I should have been listening to the teacher!
Also, a little tiny quote book on art and creativity....and a bookmark.

The 'big' gift was a bpb nest and bird ornament for Christmas...or whenever.
The nest was interesting to make and a fun challenge since I didn't have a regular paper shredder! Mine is criss cross type so I used a paper cutter instead!

Here is the birdie on a tree limb....

Last but not least, for fun I tried making one of those bpb toadstools I blogged about from the 'spore' project.
It was SUPER easy and cute....see?
I am so glad I joined Sherry's swap. It was great to stretch my imagination a bit.

Tammy got her package yesterday and says she likes everything which is quite a relief.


Sherry said...

You did such a great job Val! You came up with some really creative ideas!!! The cupcake picks are really cute and the mushroom was a really clever idea!

Thanks for joining!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Fabulous job, Val! Your partner was impressed- I am sure! Lori

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What great paper projects! Love them all.

Hugs :)


UK lass in US said...

They look fantastic.

I had hassles just cutting and sticking a picture on the front of a card yesterday, so my papercrafting rates below a Kindergartener's...

CathyJean said...

cute ideas! :)

Unknown said...

Very very cute.. What a great idea for the little bird :) Your are just so clever :)

grammatrish said...

you are so creative!!! i love everything you made. way cute!!!

Tracey said...

The bird and nest are adorable! What a great swap.

Kathy - mom of many said...

I used to make those book covers when I was in junior high and high school. What memories. I agree, they are better than the covers of today.

Tammy "SweetT" said...

Like?, I absolutely LOVE everything especially the bird and nest. How cool and original!
Thank you so much!

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