Friday, June 19, 2009


Years ago, I was taking our kids to do errands. Curly Girl was 4 and Ripstick Boy was 5.
They were in their car seats in the back playing and having a conversation. They were playing with Beanie Baby birds.

Curly Girl.....with her bird...."peck,peck, peck" at Ripstick Boy's bird.

Ripstick Boy...with his bird..."peck, peck, peck" at Curly Girls bird.

This went on for about 5 minutes.

Then RB said "my bird can peck your bird better than your bird can peck mine."

Then CG said " nu-uh, it can't."

Then RB said "yes, it can, mine has a bigger pecker."

My mind automatically went into the gutter.
I was giggling uncontrollably. I almost drove off the road.
Both kids stopped playing and asked me what was so funny.

I love those memories


funky bag freak said...

WHAT?! I was taking a drink and blew water out my nose! How stinkin funny! Oh the stories I could tell!

I find out today and I'll email you with an update.

Love ya tootz

NadineC said...

Good grief! I had a big swig of coffee in my mouth! Fortunately it didn't come out my nose...but some of it wound up on my keyboard... :-)

Abigail said...

That's what I am talking about, getting my morning happy from a blog buddy! Too good!

Jenny S said...

hahaha!! Too funny! When my son started realizing there were differences between boys and girls, he walked into the bathroom after I had gotten out of the shower, he walked around me in a circle and asked where I was hiding my peepee?!! I could not stop laughing!!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

What a funny funny story .. thanks for sharing it ;) some day they will figure out the truth :)

Jen Sue Wild said...

Holly cow thats just too great for words!!

dkuroiwa said...

oh man! THAT is a good one!! you gotta love kids and seriously? when she's older...that's going to be a great story to tell on her!!

one of my sisters, when she was 3, almost caused an accident (step-mom was driving) when she was sitting in the back tell her baby sister a story about "a day in the life of John, the penis"....he was busy, all that driving around and shopping and stuff!! **snort**

Suzi said...

Those ones are always the best. Love them. Thanks for sharing.

Rhonda said...

Now I really am rolling on the floor laughing until I am crying!

frankenpug said...

Just visiting and catching up on posts...this is flipping hilarious! There should be some sort of warning about not having a drink in your mouth somewhere in the title...the girl in front of me at work just about got a coffee

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