Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just a handful....

Look at these lovelies!

We have this little bowl and we fill it up twice a day from our tomato plant.

The large plants haven't started bearing fruit yet...but these little ones started bearing fruit early May.

They are perfect with our salads and for snacking.

We have to pick them right before they ripen or the dog will get them.

Yes, that's right.......not the birds.....the dog.

As in ONE in Ginger!

She not only eats the tomatoes but cleaned off our bell peppers too! We got two...she got something like 10! (All you dog lovers don't fret, she doesn't eat the leaves.)
But she LOVES her veggies! She is so naughty too....just watches you as you pluck them off the plant. I dropped one the other day and she beat me to it! HA!

Next year when our real garden is set, it won't be an issue because she won't be able to go harvesting.


Betty aka Fudgie said...

Our doggies wait with "open mouths" while we prepare veggies. Rosey only thinks she likes fruits and vegs, but Max eats all varieties we share with him. They are both Jacks! They sleep with their mommy too! "Viva la Margaritas" hey...we need tourquoise vasos para las bebes!

mysteryhistorymom said...

WE just planted our tomatoes, and I am so hoping that we get a great crop this year. Mandy and I are the only ones that will eat the little cuties, but we love to share with neighbors and one year the girls sold them! Isn't summer wonderful?:) Lori

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Can't wait for our tomatoes to start producing. We were a little late in planting so it will be a while before we harvest.

Hugs :)


Sherry said...

There's nothing better than fresh tomatoes!!

My DIL got me a copy of Mama Mia to borrow. I can't wait to watch it!

Have a great night!

NadineC said...

Oh...those look so yummy! One year, we had umpteen tomato plants (of all kinds) on our deck, along with several containers of sugar snap peas. We would sit out there and just munch and munch...haven't had the time to do that for awhile, but I'm hoping to get back to that one of these years. Looking at that dish of scrumptious tomatoes, I can almost taste them! :-)

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