Monday, November 24, 2008

Leo's love affair

Leo's love affair with water continues. I don't think he is a mini lion, he is a mini tiger!
I've blogged about his antics with the waterer here and here.

He hasn't moved on, he is just ADDING to his obsession.

Here he is peeking out of the kid's shower:

Here he is sitting in the water while Curly Girl dries off!

Whenever the kids shower, he runs between the curtain and liner and chases the water droplets as they run down the liner. He does that with the glass shower too, it is so funny.

And here he is looking forlorn....his lovely water is draining away...but he will just sit in the tub until it is all gone....


gin said...

Too cute sweet cat! I love cats but don't have one.

Gail said...

I must warn you. He's not a mini lion or tiger.

He's a...


I know, I know, hear me out. I have two of them. They stalk you in the mornings, while in the shower. (Cats are contrary, and so the vampires are out during the day time.)

Here one of my vampire cats, Rocket, stalking my poor stepson while he attempts to take a bath. Apparently he also balanced on the edge of the tub, but my poor fiance missed the shot.

Elaine said...

My Molly is obsessed with water too. If I run the water in the bathroom sink, she comes running. She has to have a drink from that faucet! She doesn't jump in the ahower, she just sits on the toilet waiting for me. It's really cute and part of our morning routine.

Bassma said...

ha ha... that's too funny! He looks like he's got some Siamese, maybe? My Kahluah is part Siamese and loves the water too, except it's only on her terms! She'll come running if I turn the vanity faucet on and jump up on the counter to lick at the last few drops. then she'll dip her paw in and shake it off -- too funny! she also loves ice cubes in her water dish to play with! lol.

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