Friday, November 21, 2008

Let's share...

To commemorate this day of the beginning of the frantic traverse across the states by vehicle, I will share with you with a little story. Then you can share your, worst, funniest, get the picture.

After Christmas, when Curly Girl was about 5 or 6 years old, we were traveling home from Florida.
Curly Girl has allergies.
Actually Curly Girl has BAD allergies.
On this particular trip, she had allergies AND a cold.
Allergies + cold = snot. Lots and lots of it.
Get the picture?

The story goes like this:

We make a pit stop and grab some food.
Curly Girl and I are in the line at the ladies room.
Curly Girl sneezes. It is a BIG sneeze.
Curly Girl says in her sweet little voice "mommy, I need a tissue" so I gave her one.
Then Curly Girl again says, "I need another tissue mommy."
So I gave her one. She did this 3 more times. The last time I said "you don't need another one honey, there isn't anything there (as in on her face.)

Then the lady in line in front of us says "IT'S ON MY FOOT."
And there is was....a big green goober on the side of her foot. (She was wearing flip flops.)

Ah, yes, the joys of wiping your daughter's snot off a strangers foot with a tissue while in line in a public bathroom.

Curly Girl got all teary. The lady was NOT happy. (can you blame her?)
I said in my best mommy voice. (as I am wiping the goober off this stranger's foot.) "Oh honey, people know these things happen, its okay." "Afterall, you didn't do it on purpose."
Curly Girl cried anyway. I apologized to the lady but I don't think it mattered at that point.

Meanwhile, I was trying REALLY hard not to wet my pants. I mean.....I was howling inside....I bet that poor lady went home and boiled her foot.

Your turn......


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh Val, the joys of being a Mom! You will remember that story forever! My story goes like this- I was about 9 and on an airplane sitting between my Mom and a man (that I didn't know). Well, I was bored so I decided to mess around with my packet of mustard. Please note that I was a very good girl- kind of shy and tried always to do the right thing. Anyway, I was trying to get all the mustard to the center of the packet- not thinking what would happen if it did. Well, guess what? the packets explodes when you do that! All over this mans hair, glasses and suit (yes, he looked like he was going to a job interview!). I wanted to disappear! He just got up and went to the restroom (Bless his heart!) and came back and told me I would have something to tell my friends at school! Lori

Zoƫ said...

I love that story. OK I hope this is not a bad story to tell on the net. When I was little we lived in a VERY small all white town in down-east Maine and I HATED to take a bath (this might have had something to do with the fact that we had no running water and had to heat it up on the stove and sit in a big bucket that was not very fun... but I digress). Well I went to visit my grandparents in Philadelphia and they took me to the pool. There was a black kid in the pool with us and I was SOOOO impressed. I said to him "Boy I bet you NEVER take a bath!" (to me this was a GREAT thing!!!) My poor Grandfather just took me out of the pool. I am not sure he knew what to say.

Recupefashion said...

Tha t is too funny I'm laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair though it's not funny for your daughter, but you must admit that this story is funny. Oh god, It reminds me when a strnger was googlin to my baby and the baby vomited on the mister, well what can you do in those times but apologize.
Have a great evening, oh by the way I didn't get any recipe yet by amail.

Unknown said...

Chuckling as I write this post. After reading your story...It reminds me of the time when I owned a yellow Duster car. It was all souped up on the back end. It was a hot car and if you ask me so was the driver at the time :) ME!!!. Any way my Daughter was about one then, and we use to Drag Douglas. That is what the Kids did back then in my town. Drive up and down this street called Douglas. We would flirt with all the guys.. you see it was cars of girls and cars of guys. That is how you would meet guys to go out with. My girlfriend and I had spotted this hot guy I mean he was a hottie... real eye candy... He was also driving a yellow car but it was a Nova.. it was all jacket up in the back end too... We were going East and he was going West all of a sudden he was behind us honking like mad. I looked in the rear-view and there was my sweet baby girl butt naked.. mooning the world in the back glass of my Duster.. Oh my goodness.. I was flaber-gasted... what do you say to the hot guy when he pulls up beside You???
Nothing.... We sped off and went home.. to mortified to say a word. But I will never forget that cute little butt in that window. :)
To add a note to this post that guy tracked me down and we dated for about 3 years after that.

gin said...

Very funny. What we go thru to stand up for our kids!! Our travels were plenty out of state to the in-laws once a month with 3 kids 5 years old and under. Once, 3 yr old Jennifer and 5 year old Brandon fighting over holding baby Trent's full bottle while he drank, he shoved the bottle away and it went flying thru the car with the top flying off and milk flying everwhere. Three screaming kids with milk all over them, and on the interstate in the middle of nowhere with not enough baby wipes.

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