Saturday, March 12, 2016

Still going strong

Our little salad garden has been amazing this winter. We have harvested many dinners out of our little plot. And it is still going strong.

red and green leaf lettuces are in this plot.....romaine is next to it.  I forgot to take a photo of it.

two types of arugula are in here....

a better shot of the red and green lettuce

I also grow green onions in my herb garden....I like them better than regular onions in a salad.

Speaking of which, they have been amazing.  And tasty....

I planted bell peppers 2 weeks ago and am planting tomatoes this weekend. 

I have been so pleased with our salad garden that when they were selling this at work, I had to buy it.....something for me to plan......poor Dean!

Image result for grow all you can eat in three square feet

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