Monday, March 14, 2016

a little more knit.....and crochet

I'm slowly adding "catch up" posts to include some of the things I've made since January.....

This is a cowl I made for my sister in law.  She looks AMAZING in all those pretty Easter egg colors.  I use the Lady Godiva pattern and some dazzle yarn:

I made another arm knit cowl.  I found this lovely yarn "Encore Mega" for a steal in a fancy yarn shop in Destin.   The store tends to be incredibly expensive so when I found this for only 6 bucks a skein, I snatched up two.  It is so soft, like baby alpaca but does NOT shed like baby alpaca.  I'll be back for more.

I made another scarf for my sister Page.  She and I have the same coloring so when I come to town wearing something, she always wants one too.    It works out for me because she ALWAYS buys me some of that expensive yarn as a thank you.

Here it is.  The yarn is a magic ball called Alp Oriental.  I just double half crochet throughout.  

The only tricky part is the fringe.  The ball COMES with some fringe attached so you can see what yarns are included in the ball.  But you need to cut additional fringe before you get going so it isn't all cut from one length of yarn.  the beauty of this scarf is in the variety of textures and colors coming together.  The scarf looks good with EVERYTHING and is incredibly soft and cozy

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Kerry said...

Very pretty ...... you've been busy, busy behind the scenes :-)

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