Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Spookify me! Amaretto drippy bottle

Several years ago, I did this same craft with another bottle.  ( Here is the post.
The bottle looked great but I either accidentally threw it out or stored it so well that I can't find it.  Either way, I needed a new one!
 I cleaned an Amaretto bottle a friend gave me and added a spooky sticker.  

Then I used some taper candles I bought last year after Halloween.  I used them to build up the wax around the neck.  It would be SO much easier just to light a candle and let it just drip like crazy.  But finding drippy candles is next to impossible.  Throw in that you want them to drip actual COLOR is even worse.  Most candles nowadays have a coating that burns away and leave a whitish wax behind, no color at all...including this black candle in the photo.

 That being said, once I built up the wax, I melted crayons over it for the color.  If you do it, be careful, I held them with tongs and then just cleaned them up afterwards.

Here the bottle is in a lighted area (sorry, I did this at night)
Just a note: when the candles burn down and need replacing, a lot of wax gets broken off.  Just put in a new candle and then fill the gaps up with new crayons.  Easy.

Right now, "Werewolf Drool" sits on my bar....awaiting Halloween night......

Years of "wax build up" took me about 2 hours to achieve, while watching a couple reruns of Boston Legal.   *Denny Crane, Alan Shore, Shirley Schmidt-ho*...the BEST!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Cool! My mom used to always use her Chianti bottles as candle holders that would have all the colorful wax down the side. A shame they don't make candles with actual color anymore.

Kerry said...

I'll be round for some Werewolf Drool on Halloween night .... hee hee !!!
LOVE that candle .... hope I can get some done before Halloween :-)

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