Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Night


Today we are busy with cross country meets and dog parks and baking and cooking Halloween I offer up a little poem I wrote when I was a kid, just for this night!

Halloween Night

The cold wind blows on Halloween Night
Witches take to their brooms in flight
They soar through the air and across the moon
Faithful black cats, perched on their brooms.
Ghosts and goblins float all around
Shaking their chains, they make horrid sounds
Bats fill the air, with a flutter of wings
To join the others and do scary things!
They all come together, to give you a fright
Each cold and windy Halloween Night!

Here is hoping the rain holds off but that the wind does not.  Afterall, what would Halloween be without a little wind blowing through the trees to make things interesting!


Kerry said...

You have poetic talent for sure .... even back then :-)
We are VERY wet here ..... Hope it at least stops to allow some trick 'n treating !!!!
Happy Halloween :-)

reclaimed dining table said...

Beautiful! What a talent. How's your Halloween? I hope it was great. Thanks for sharing!

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