Tuesday, September 15, 2015

stumbling along....

I have been blogging infrequently for so long that it almost feels weird to sit down and post something!    Our computer is "sick!"    Dean works on it and we think all is well and then I come sit down to do a post and BAM!   It refuses to import or it stops working altogether.....ugh.

Anywhooooooo,  I've been busy hosting my annual zombie doll swap and working on Christmas projects and playing with Osa!

I knit this scarf up over the weekend for a gift but it will be hard to part with it.  I made it up!  My first homemade knit project.  I hate following patterns, don't you?  LOL

Anyway, I found some yummy yarn in a bargain bin....seriously, y'all...it was 13 bucks a skein and I got it for 2 bucks a skein...THAT is a bargain!  I used some beautiful yarn from my stash as a secondary skein to tag along for color changing.  GORGEOUS.  At least, I think it is!

I cast on 15 
knit 4 rows 
knit another row and loop 2 extra on after each stitch
knit, drop two loops the next row
knit 5 rows.
Alternate until you have it long enough to loop once around your neck for a nice drop.

Easy peasy or clear as mud? Good thing I don't write patterns, eh?

I pulled out my Fall decorations.....cannot WAIT for October to add in my zombie dolls and such....cackle, cackle...

Oh! and I started this book.  AMAZING.  Let me tell you, if your brain NEVER SHUTS UP (and tells you bad stuff about yourself) you NEED this book!

One more thing before I go......can't put EVERYTHING in one post, right?  Amazing basil butter bread.  Oh yes, it is awesome for game day!  I harvested all my basil the other day and made 3 more pounds of it.  I also have something like 60 basil/olive oil cubes done.   My basil is still going strong so I should get one more small harvest before it stops producing.  If you want the recipe, check my sidebar.

Osa says "hi" and "bye"

so happy and silly...and cute with her ear squished up underneath her!


jillytacy said...

That picture of Osa is so cute!!! I love your basil butter! I want to try it on spaghetti squash, I think it would be delicious. And the scarf is gorgeous.

Clare said...

The scarf is beautiful. The dog is adorable! I have looked at that book, but haven't read it . . . maybe now I will. I have started getting some of my decoration out also. I love this time of year.

Tasha Welcome To My Life{vlogger} said...

Scarf is beautiful i love the colors

Kate said...

I'm sorry you're computer is ill; I've been through that and it's no fun. I hope it gets fixed soon. Beautiful scarf, I love the color! Yes, that is an amazing book. It's worth several reads. Osa is so cute :-) I love when dogs give you that goofy smile.

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