Saturday, September 19, 2015

A very good day

You ever have one of those days that is REALLY good but for little things?   No earth shattering amazingness....but little things that add up to SPECTACULAR?  

Yesterday was that day...

First of all, Dean called to give me a heads up to leave early and take a detour to work because of backup on the interstate.  Even though I don't take the interstate, the traffic was backed up onto the road I do take.

I left early because I wanted to go to Starbucks but because everyone ELSE had taken the detour, I didn't make it fast enough.  Instead of worrying, I went straight to work.  Since I got to work early, I ran in and got a couple little things done which started my day off nicely.

Then, mid morning, a student that gives me fits actually smiled...and HUGGED me.  
Believe me, there are some students you never reach no matter how hard you try.  This kid is a tough one.  I don't know what the circumstances are with him but I just keep forging ahead.   Then today, he not only smiled, but he hugged me.  A real hug.  A hug that meant he gets it.    For this kid, that is HUGE.  I'm serious.  
Will it last?  Will he do this next week?  Maybe not, but I am keeping him in my prayers and thinking positive thoughts that he will.  If I can reach just ONE kid this year, I want it to be him.  Because he really needs it.  I say that will all sincerity.  

At the end of the day,  I went in to see the principal for something and not only did he tell me I was doing a great job but a few minutes later he said I went above and beyond and he really appreciated it.  That may not seem like much to most people but my job isn't one of the regular positions so we don't get a lot of face to face time.    When we do talk, we tend to talk about problems and strategy.  

Then I ran some errands and on my way home, I popped in to a different Starbucks for my drink.  My all time favorite barista had moved to the new location.   She had moved to another location 6 months ago and just moved to this location last week.  Best part is that her partner in crime starts back next week!  He had also moved to a different one and then just got transferred again.  They are the best team and make the best Salted Hot Cocoa ever.  Plus, they are the kind of people who chat you up and get to know you.  Makes a difference.

I was on the way home and I had a call from our pest control guy.  He was at the house waiting on me.  I had totally forgotten the appointment!  
Before I could even start to apologize, HE apologized for arriving so early!  Yep, he was 20 minutes early.  I gave him the go ahead to start on the yard and then pulled in 10 minutes later.  He never knew that I had forgotten the appointment.  Truth be told, I would have been home if he hadn't been so early....but it was nice not to have to apologize.

The icing on the cake was a precious note written to me by my sweet daughter.  She had written it on our grocery pad about 20 pages in.   It was a beautiful and sweet note. 
I'm struggling with my children leaving.  I'm happy being a mom.  I love being a wife.  I am one of those people who really LOVE being a domestic goddess.  (except I'm no goddess.)  I miss Matt so much and dread the day Kaela heads off to college.  I know I can't hold them forever but I love them so much it hurts. 
The note made me proud and happy because it reminded me that my kids are awesome people who are going to be successful in ways I can only imagine.  And I love that.

Today reminded me that sometimes the little things can add up to become really BIG things....


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Yes indeed. It is a very good day when things just fall into place and sweet circumstances appear from the blue. I have no doubt you are doing a great job and going above and beyond because that's just the type of person you are and I'm sure that little guy who gave you a hug knows it deep down inside, too. Love ya! Tammy

Amy at love made my home said...

Lovely little things! Somehow the little things are even better than really big ones aren't they, things you can savour! xx

jillytacy said...

You're a good mama and have raised two amazing kids, pat yourself on the back. Knowing you, I know you are the teacher that reaches her students and makes a difference in their lives everyday. It's nice to have that recognized with gratitude and a hug from a student.

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