Thursday, December 18, 2014

crafting and crochet....

I made some cinnamon ornaments for my tree...they smell SO GOOD!!

Daddy had a love/hate relationship with the squirrels in our backyard.   There was one that was sweet and it would come up and eat peanuts out of his hand.  He named him "Charlie."

Well, apparently Charlie went and told all his hoodlum friends and soon after, a bazillion  squirrels moved in.
Thus began daddy's long term "hate affair" with them.

 We called ALL of them "Charlie" and dad would sic our poodle on them.  Hysterical!  That dog would go berserk trying to catch those squirrels.  
I made these Charlies for my own tree and can't help but crack up each time I look at them!

I have a thing for acorns....I just love these with their little glittered caps.  

Last year, Tammy gave me some lovely alpaca yarn.  
The yarn is named after the Alpaca that "donates" the yarn...This was called Sweet Caroline

The yarn sat in my stash the entire YEAR while I tried to figure out what to make with it.  I recently I made a cute boucle hat and had enough yarn leftover to make something little....but not enough for a scarf...
Lucky for me, the yarn matched Sweet Caroline nicely and when I put the two together, it was enough to make an infinity scarf.

    I did a simple trellis stitch so it would have a nice drape to it...don't know why it looks PINK in this photo...must be the lighting.

Now I have a scarf and hat set and the alpaca makes it soft enough to sit against my skin without being itchy.

I've made a few other things but can't share them yet as they are gifts.


Kerry said...

That is such a lovely set you made Val. I love that the yarn is named after the alpaca ......
The ornies are cute too ... can only imagine how yummy your house smells :-)

Elaine said...

Those squirrel ornaments are adorable! I bet they do smell wonderful.

I went to an alpaca farm a few years ago. They are the most gentle adorable creatures and you are right the wool is so soft!

Merry Christmas!

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