Tuesday, November 11, 2014

you know it's fall...

When you take leftover Frank's fingers for your lunch....and no one freaks out:

When you go to the store and buy 10 yards of quilt batting and when they ask you if you quilt, you say, "No, I make beds for the animal shelter..."  and then you come home and as you bring it into the house, it falls over:

 and before you can pick it up Suki climbs in and takes a two hour nap:

When you swap out your cozy for this one:

When you go buy a zillion bags of beans and such to make "French Market Soup" mix as gifts....and make a pot for your family because it is sooooo good:

When the Black Eyed Susan vine starts struggling, which is sad because you really love those cheerful blooms:

I love Fall...it is my favorite season!

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