Monday, November 3, 2014

Pumpkin carving contest!

Before I get to the carving, check out this cute glass I painted.   So easy....and Halloweeny. I painted a few for some co workers....

I needed a pretty wine glass for myself for Halloween wanted something a bit Gothic looking.  Lucky me found this one on Ebay.

Dean dubbed it "Goblet of Fire."   I love it.  

Armed with my new glass full of wine and my warty pumpkin, I was ready to WIN this year's Pumpkin carving contest!!!!

These two peeps didn't stand a chance!

Or did they?

Dean and I had gone to a local pumpkin patch and I carefully selected a few warty ones thinking they'd be amazing....WRONG.   
It was like trying to carve TITANIUM!  Even Dean was ready to just pitch it but I didn't want to wait so instead of freaking out, I quickly drank my wine, grabbed the drill and cored lots of holes in it instead.  (It just now occurred to me that swilling a large glass of wine before using power tools was probably NOT the best idea! )

The shell was so hard, it kept pulling the drill bits OUT of the drill!  In the end, I got it done but needed a serious shower.  The coring bits had thrown pumpkin flesh everywhere.  It was literally all over me. 

Here it is.  (I am happy to say that one guy walked up with his kids and said, Oh man, I love that, a Disco Ball!)   Made me laugh because that is what Dean called it.

Dean's...the pupils are actually pumpkin stems shoved in his head.

And Kaela's...what a show off.....(hee hee)

So, time for the voting to commence.  Which pumpkin do YOU vote for?  The winner gets bragging rights and dinner out.


Jody said...

Val--you get extra points for originality and tenacity, but Kayla gets my vote! (Love the Cheshire cat!!)

Kerry said...

My vote goes to Kaela ... that face is just too adorable :-)
Val - you need a medal .... those warty pumpkins are HARD !!!

Art Russell said...


You know my vote is for sale, ... except this time. I've got to vote for Kaela as well. After all, she is the artist in your family...!

Love Ya,


jillytacy said...

As your friend I want to support you and I do like your disco ball but I have to vote for Kaela. You have to love a Cheshire cat pumpkin, especially when it's glowing! Great job!

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