Friday, February 14, 2014

Perfectly Pink Day

While everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day today, we are also celebrating Mojo's 13th birthday.

Nowadays, he has more is grey than black hairs! This old man struggles with the stairs and is half blind and pretty much deaf but his attitude is amazing and he still acts like a puppy.   Okay, so he bumps into walls when chasing toys but that doesn't seem to faze him one little bit!  

Happy Birthday sweet Mojo Jojo!

Another birthday was celebrated this week.   There is a sweetie pie down the block that K babysits for all the time.  She is the CUTEST little thing and pink is her favorite color.  She loves the hand made goodies I make her so I talked with her mom and found out she needs a swimsuit cover up.   I made her this cute set for her birthday.

I know it looks like a shirt but I don't have a 5 year old who can model it for me.    If you have a little girl who needs one, I highly recommend this pattern.  There is also a photo on the gal's website showing what it looks like  here.


gilly said...

Happy birthday sweet Mojo! Please give him an extra cuddle from me :-)
Love that little crochet cover-up too - wonder if I could make that in my size?
Have a happy weekend,

Yarni Gras! said...

yes! I've emailed you!

jillytacy said...

Happy birthday Mojo! The swimsuit cover up is a great gift idea!

Rhonda said...

Happy belated birthday to Mojo!
Hi "V" it's been awhile. I somehow lost your blog site and it's take me over a year to find you again. My computer skills are not very good and life happened in the meantime.
Anyway glad to see you again.

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